Life Enrichment Alternative Programming


The L.E.A.P. initiative was launched in July 2011 to give all youth, served by OCH, the opportunity to participate in activities, within their community, that they choose to pursue stemming from their own passion.  The L.E.A.P. program acts as an additional means to the healing process, but is driven by the youth from the start and they are held accountable for their participation throughout the program. 

Once the youth identify an activity they want to pursue, the L.E.A.P.  team work diligently to find a business, organization or individual in the community that matches the interests of the youth and they then become a L.E.A.P. Community Provider. 

L.E.A.P. is committed to OCH’s philosophy of “One Child, One Dream” and works to ensure that each youth has access to their passions and is offered experiences to allow them to discover new ones.
Another component of the L.E.A.P. program serves as a tool to help strengthen the family bond between foster family and child and allows OUR youth to create family memories to hold onto.  This is done by offering Expression Days and events for our families to enjoy together without a financial burden. 

For more information or to see how you can become involved with L.E.A.P., please email leap@ourchildrenshomestead.org or call Jacqueline Stogsdill at 630.369.0004 Ext. 123