OCH Foster Care

Our Children’s Homestead services the most difficult foster care cases in DCFS. We make a commitment to help each child find success regardless of circumstance.

Our children are placed into homes with foster parents who are trained and committed to provide care. The child is assigned a case worker who provides case management specially designed for a particular child’s individual needs; the case worker meets regularly with the child and family to coordinate all of the child’s therapies and programs and to assess progress. The child is teamed with a licensed therapist who works with the child and foster parents to engage the child in programs like a therapeutic mentor program to overcome behavioral and socialization issues.

At OCH, we have realistic expectations for our children, and we help them reach each goal and recognize every success.  Every child needs training, education, patience and encouragement. Our foster parents, case workers and therapists work closely to support their child’s needs and enable them to succeed.

How Do We Measure Success?

While we do celebrate the small successes of our children’s everyday lives – like completing homework and setting the dinner table – we also understand that the success of each child’s foster care placement should be measured and celebrated.  Success is celebrated when a child settles into a foster home for six months or more, participates in prescribed programs and services, and makes an emotional connection with his/her foster family.

For more information about Our Children’s Homestead foster care program, please contact Marissa Allen, at mallen@ourchildrenshomestead.org or (630) 369-0004.