OCH 2014: A Year in Review

• We provide foster care, foster parent training, professional and volunteer mentoring, Life Enrichment Alternative Programming (L.E.A.P.), Interstate and domestic adoptions, therapy

• Geographically, we serve 72 communities in 13 counties.

186: the average number of children and youth served

60 staff members employed

23 new foster families this year

23 foster families in the licensing process

140 active, licensed foster homes

5 or more: the average number of placements our children have lived in prior to OCH

15 years: the average age of an OCH foster child

6% of our children are 5 years old and under

49% of our children are 16 years and older

51% of our children have a Mentor

20 students graduated from college

19 L.E.A.P. Community Providers

66% have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) and/or receive Special Education services

4 children have been adopted by their foster parents

53 % of our children are involved in L.E.A.P.